THIS is how veterans are shown as leaders.

Congrats to veteran and USA‬ Paralympian Josh Sweeney on being awarded with the ‪‎Pat Tillman‬ Award for Service at the ‪‎ESPYs‬ last night for his selfless service and continued leadership.

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Adams Place  

How do you market an art book about mental illness?  

Our first art wall at Denver Art Society
we’re ready for First Friday art walk

August 2013

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Bobby Fischer Against The World: Synopsis f

Run Away

TEDxTeen - Natalie Warne - Anonymous Extraordinaries f

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OCD is Anxiety

from the reward-winning 

Crazy A Creative and Personal Look at Mental Illness

a collection of art and writings of 150 people
published by Adams Place.


The mind is a terrible thing to waste.  
Destigmatize mental illness.  
           The world will be a better place.

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from the award-winning book 
Crazy A Creative and Personal Look at Mental Illness
published by Adams Place

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