Statue of Liberty
Copper Queen

Matt and Fabio snooze in the afternoon.

Study Buddies Pushkin and Eli. They hang out with me when I’m hyper-focused in a task at hand.

Jonathan-pencil and paper character. Camping wouldn’t be the same without Jonathan to sketch it. Woodland Park, :)

Robin Williams Your Verse f

Robin Williams-unsurpassed gifts, vibrance, achievement, relationship. His suicide resulted from depression. 

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Em’s swearing in as deputy DA of Denver District Court.

Hangin’ with my homie. Pushkin and Fiona rest from rowdy.

Chels at play after a spring day-dinner on the deck.

One of my fav smiles. Allison rocks!

Tanner is truly one of the all time greatest souls ever!

Khumbo, a new DU grad (shown with her brother) sets her sights on NYC. We love and celebrate you!

Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia: Inside mental illness: Schizophrenia f

Miss Deputy DA. Emily is a perfect fit for her job. Denver is in good hands. :)


THIS is how veterans are shown as leaders.

Congrats to veteran and USA‬ Paralympian Josh Sweeney on being awarded with the ‪‎Pat Tillman‬ Award for Service at the ‪‎ESPYs‬ last night for his selfless service and continued leadership.

Source: gotyour6

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Adams Place  

How do you market an art book about mental illness?  

Our first art wall at Denver Art Society
we’re ready for First Friday art walk

August 2013

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